Our Initiatives

Certified Civil

An exciting new initiative to validate your commitment to civility. For more information visit certifiedcivil.org


Urgency of Civility Conference

The Urgency of Civility Conference is designed for leaders of organizations promoting Civility. For more information visit www.urgencyofcivility.org

Civility Shop

An opportunity to help financially support the Civility Effort by purchasing Civlity books and products from the Civility Shop.

Your generous support is greatly appreciated.


The place to go for Masons working to promote Civility in society. The website includes Civility resources for Masons such as trestleboard articles, lodge presentations, and workshops. For more information visit  masoniccivility.org.


An initiative to use machine learning to rank the civility of articles, speeches. The website is an easy to use tool that can create a “Civility Score”. For more information visit civilityscorecard.com

Civility Ambassadors

The role of Community Civility Ambassadors will articulate the principles of Civility in their community and to solicit their active support in bringing Civility back to Society. More information can be found at https://www.civilityambassadors.org/